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Jack Russell Terriers are a very sweet, friendly breed. Being very affectionate and lovable they make wonderful little companions for children. When hunting they work hard. When at home they love to run and play or take a nap by your feet. The Jack Russell Terrier is energetic, so daily exercise is required. Jack Russell Terriers make a great family pet and do well in obedience. Click here for more information on the Jack Russell Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier (Westie) is a small and a hardy looking terrier weighing about 15-22 lbs. They have a beautiful shiny white coat, button eyes and a black nose. They are very intelligent and love human companionship.  Their size makes them great for apartment living but they are also very content to the country life as well.  This breed is excellent with both the young and the old alike… Click here for more information on the West Highland Terrier….

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